Friday, June 26, 2009

Testing: DnD Compendium Tooltips

I'm trying some new functionality for the site. If it works properly, whenever your mouse hovers over a link to D&D compendium (like this one), you will see a box with the item, power, monster or whatever the link pointed to. It's not the most original of ideas (as some of you may suspect, I blatantly stole it from a popular site about another game), but I think it can be pretty useful.

Below, there are a bunch of compendium links to test the system with a variety of different items. Feel free to report any bugs or issues you find, and I'll try to find a solution within my (still limited) Javascript skills. If it works out well, and my blog doesn't implode or anything, you can expect a future post about how to replicate it on your site.

As a nice bonus, this will retroactively enhance compendium links in previous posts on this blog! So you can also browse the archive, and look for broken stuff (and I don't mean Twin Strike this time). Enjoy!

Some known issues:
- Yes, this sucks if you lack a DDI subscription. You'll see the login window over and over - I'd like to detect and hide this window, but I haven't found a solution yet.
- The tooltips are too large. This is because of the way the Compendium formats its stuff (and it seems I can't override it).

Some random powers:
Power 1
Power 2
Power 3
And a wandering monster: Monster 3
Power 1
Power 2
Power 3

A few races, which sadly are too large to fit.
Race 1
Race 2
Race 3

Did you know that the compendium now includes a rules glossary?
Glossary 1 Glossary 2 Glossary 3

Roll initiative, here are more monsters!
Monster 1
Monster 2
Monster 3

...and after killing them, you get some nice loot.
Item 1
Item 2 , Item 3

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  1. Some PHAT LEWT I'd daresay... The tooltip thingy is a good idea, but the layout for the bigger blocks of text does suck indeed. Maybe you can arrange it in a small pop up window?