Monday, August 10, 2009

Divine Power: A guide to domain feats

Although I don't have a copy of Divine Power on my hands yet, I've been able to browse the many goodies in the book through DDI compendium and character builder. Unfortunately, one of the topics I was looking forward to the most has turned out to be rather difficult to use that way. I'm talking about the divine domain feats, which add special properties to a series of at-will powers. With more than 30 feats, each affecting 4 at-wills of different classes, and requiring you to worship specific gods, it becomes really cumbersome to work out how to match gods and at-will powers for a character. In this post, I try to address that.

Below, there are two tables that should make the process of building divine characters a bit easier. The first table shows all divine at-wills and their associated domains, and the second one lists the gods corresponding to each domain. Both make extensive use of my Compendium tooltips, so a subscription to DDI is highly recommended.

1. List of domains per power

1.1 Avenger

Bond of Censure
Domains: Destruction, Luck, Moon, Sea, Tyranny, Undeath, Winter

Bond of Pursuit
Domains: (none)

Bond of Retribution
Domains: Fate, Strife, War

Leading Strike
Domains: Civilization, Freedom, Hope, Knowledge, Protection

Overwhelming Strike
Domains: Change, Darkness, Earth, Madness, Poison, Skill, Strength, Storm, Wilderness, Torment, Torment

Radiant Vengeance
Domains: Arcana, Death, Life, Love, Sun, Vengeance, Creation

1.2 Cleric

Astral Seal
Domains: Fate, Knowledge, Life, Torment, Tyranny, Vengeance

Lance of Faith
Domains: Arcana, Luck, Strife, Sun, Undeath, Winter

Priest's Shield
Domains: Civilization, Darkness, Protection, Strength, War

Righteous Brand
Domains: Creation, Death,Destruction, Freedom, Hope, Justice, Madness, Moon, Poison, Skill, Storm

Recovery Strike
Domains: Change, Earth, Love, Sea, Trickery, Wilderness

Sacred Flame
Domains: (none)

1.3 Invoker

Avenging Light
Domains: Fate, Hope, Life, Strength, Torment, Vengeance

Divine Bolts
Domains: Arcana, Change, Sea, Skill, Tyranny

Grasping Shards
Domains: Creation, Destruction, Knowledge, Poison, Undeath

Hand of Radiance
Domains: Moon, Winter

Sun Strike
Domains: Love, Strife, Sun, Wilderness

Mantle of the Infidel
Domains: Civilization, Justice, Torment

Vanguard's Lightning
Domains: Freedom, Luck, Protection, Storm

Visions of Blood
Domains: Darkness, Death, Earth, Madness, War

1.4 Paladin

Ardent Strike
Domains: Darkness, Destruction, Strife, Torment

Bolstering Strike
Domains: Change, Creation, Earth, Life, War

Enfeebling Strike
Domains: Death, Madness, Moon, Poison, Torment, Tyranny, Undeath, Winter

Holy Strike
Domains: Fate, Freedom, Luck, Strength, Vengeance

Valiant Strike
Domains: Civilization, Hope, Protection, Skill, Storm, Wilderness

Virtuous Strike
Domains: Arcana, Justice, Knowledge, Love, Sea, Sun

2. Table of domains and gods

Arcana - Corellon
Change - Avandra
Civilization - Erathis, Asmodeus
Creation - Erathis, Moradin
Darkness - Lolth, Zehir
Death - The Raven Queen
Destruction - Gruumsh, Tharizdun
Earth - Torog, Moradin
Fate - Ioun, The Raven Queen
Freedom - Avandra
Hope - Bahamut, Pelor
Justice - Bahamut, Erathis
Knowledge - Ioun , Vecna
Life - Melora, Pelor
Love - Sehanine
Luck - Avandra
Madness - Tharizdun
Moon - Sehanine
Poison - Zehir
Protection - Bahamut, Moradin
Sea - Melora
Skill - Corellon, Ioun, Bane
Storm - Kord
Strength - Kord, Gruumsh
Strife - Tiamat
Sun - Pelor
Torment - Torog
Trickery - Sehanine, Lolth
Tyranny - Asmodeus
Undeath - Vecna
Vengeance - Tiamat
War - Kord, Bane
Wilderness - Corellon, Melora
Winter - The Raven Queen


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