Thursday, May 13, 2010

Character Survivability Calculator (advanced)

UPDATE (16/05/10): Fixed script formulas for sustained damage)
UPDATE (01/12): Updated for MM3 monster stats

I've been making some improvements to my calculator of character survivability, and now we can incorporate PCs with attacks that grant temporary hit points, resistances, or defense bonuses on a hit, that depend on the PC's chance to hit. Defender characters (who are typically the most interested in measuring their endurance) should find this particularly useful, since most make regular use of these mechanics.

I've chosen to focus exclusively on effects that a character can grant himself, rather than external bonuses and healing. That stuff is left for future posts. If your character isn't interested in gaining THPs and the like, you'll probably prefer the basic version of the calculator, which is still available here.

An explanation of the new formulas used will be added soon.

Character Stats:
HP:Resistance: Regeneration:
Conditional damage mitigation on a hit:
Bonus to AC:, to For:, to Ref:, to Wil:
Resistance/THP: Attack Bonus: vs
Chance to Mitigate:Sustained THP?:
Chance to mitigate damage:
Chance to sustain THP:
Monster Stats:
Level: Type:
Marked Combat Advantage
Average monster DPR:

Number of turns it takes a Skirmisher monster of level 1 to kill you:

Attacking vs AC: vs For: vs Ref: vs Wil:
Overall survivability:turns.

Chance for a Skirmisher monster of level 1 to hit you:

Attacking vs AC: vs For: vs Ref: vs Wil:
Overall Hit %:


  1. I never play at first level, so this is next to useless for me ;D

  2. This should work for any level, just enter the character's stats and the level of the monster (which is typically a skirmisher of the same level as you). PC level doesn't appear because it doesn't affect any of the formulas