Friday, April 16, 2010

Character Survivability Calculator

Update: A more advanced version of the calculator has been released, featuring compatibility with temporary hit points, regeneration, and defense-boosting attacks. You can find it here.

Here is a tool I've been working on lately. Just type in your PC's stats, and it will calculate the time a skirmisher monster of a given level needs to bring you to 0 HP. It's still a bit rough, as it doesn't take into account crits, temporary HP, or high resistance values. Still, I have found it both useful and entertaining.
Expect discussion of the underlying math, the approximations involved, and the (brand new!) concept of character survivability in an upcoming post. Until then... enjoy!

Note: I have tested this with Firefox and Chrome. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work yet with Explorer, but I'm working on it.

Character Stats:
Monster Stats:
Level: Type:
Marked Combat Advantage
Average monster DPR:
Number of turns it takes a Skirmisher monster of level 1 to kill you:
Attacking vs AC: vs For: vs Ref: vs Wil:
Overall survivability:turns.
Chance for a Skirmisher monster of level 1 to hit you:
Attacking vs AC: vs For: vs Ref: vs Wil:
Overall Hit %:

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  1. Cool so with hp at 24 ac at 116 for at 14 ref at 13 and will at 15 my overall survivability is 5.087618264088852 turns for a shaman/artificer.