Friday, January 15, 2010

Martial Power 2 Preview: Brawler Fighter build!

With the most obvious fighter builds (weapon and shield, two-handed weapon, two weapons, berserker) already available from Player's Handbook and Martial Power, I wondered what new weapon style could Martial Power 2 bring. Single handed weapons without a shield is still open, but that might be hard to justify. What could you possibly want the free hand for?

To punch them in the face, of course! The Brawler Style Fighter has been previewed in a very sneaky way through the MP2 faq, which includes an awesome new at-will power specific for the build: Grappling Strike. It is a standard weapon attack that requires you to have a hand free, so that you can grab your foe after hitting. It looks like a very cool concept, since it introduces hand-to-hand combat in a very fightery way, giving a new meaning to the expression "Sword and Fist".

I had some doubts about Martial Power being able to surprise us, but this was quite unexpected.

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  1. Dude- I- what-

    Oh man, excellent. Wizard's strange, spoiler-esque marketting (see: references to the swarm druid in DMG2) is fantastic; I now have much more faith in Martial Power 2 having interesting builds thanks to this.

    And also, this power? I wish I would have thought of it first.