Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Reviews of Heroes of a Fallen Lands

Those following this site lately will have guessed by now that I'm VERY interested in Heroes of the Fallen Lands and the rest of the Essentials line. Well, although sadly I still don't have the volume in my hands, it looks like some lucky reviewers have received early copies. The blog Dungeons and Dragons and Retail is one of them, and has written an in-depth analysis full of juicy information - I recommend you to check it out. Here are the highlights:
  • There is a list of the builds in the next book in the line, Heroes of a Forgotten Kingdom. It's full of surprises, as it has a leader druid (the Sentinel), controller ranger (Hunter) and what looks like a melee warlock (called Hexblade!), as well as more traditional builds like a defender paladin (the Cavalier) and striker ranger (the Scout).
  • Feats are organized in the following categories: Armor Training, Weapon Training, Two-Weapon Training and Implement Training; Enduring Stamina, Vigilant Reflexes and Steadfast Willpower; Divine Devotion, Learning and Lore, and Quick Reaction.
  • Only Common magic items (i.e, the ones craftable by players if you use the new magic item rules) are included.
  • No rituals.

UPDATE: For more spoilery goodness, take a look at this thread at Enworld


  1. Hey, thanks for the link! I've added a few pictures over there, and have fielded a few questions in the comments section. I really appreciate the promotion! =)

  2. I snagged my copy yesterday, and it's pretty excellent from what I've seen. It does feel very newbie-oriented, and the class options are definite throwbacks to older editions.