Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Magic Item Reset: Compilation

After months of work, my epic rework of the 4E magic item system is, if not complete, at least ready for release. In the link below you will find the compiled .pdf file with the latest version of this item collection. Alternate treasure generation rules are not included, but can be found here.

Magic Item Reset-v1.13.pdf

For insight on the design process and discussion of specific items, I recommend checking out previous articles on this blog.


  1. Fantastic, thank you!

    So I take it the final edition with treasure generation etc. included is the one you'll sell?

  2. I have put the idea of selling this on hold, for now. I was curious about the outcome of the experiment, but it was never a priority for me, and setting it up would have required too much effort. I barely can find time for the blog these days, and I'd rather spend it on writing.

    That said, I still intend to keep updating and polishing this material, including the random treasure tables. But I also want to cover other issues, so I can't really offer a timeline.

    Anyway, thanks for all the interest and support :)

  3. Random treasure tables... ugh. I mean, the thrill of "What am I gonna get!" is awesome, but I hate having useless drops, or worse, not getting drops at all! Something where you accumulate "points" and then the result of the points would be more functional, but unfortunately, certain complex systems like that tend to turn off old school gamers, who are the very ones who are most attracted to random treasure drops in the first place.