Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Magic Item Reset (XVIII): Item Reference Tables

Magic Item Reset: Index

This has taken a while but, finally, I have finished the Item Reference Tables, which compile all items in this collection, organized by rarity and level. The primary purpose of these tables is as a resource to quickly check which items are available at any given level/rarity slot. That said, I have added a random roll entry for those players and DMs interested in the optional random item generation rules introduced here – for all purposes, these tables count as the table T5 mentioned in that article.

Common Items

Uncommon Items

Rare Items

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  1. I'm mostly satisfied with this, but there's a gaping hole where the level 10 common slot should be that I need to fill at some point - having just 1 item for the slot is not a valid solution. This will likely involve moving Juggernaut Armor back to the level 5/10 slot, and creating some new secondary items just for that purpose.

    Note that level 1 uncommon and rare items are inexistant; this is intended, due to the fact that the item generation rules do not actually allow to ever have such items.