Monday, March 30, 2009

Fixing Beast Mastery (I): Beast Training

In my previous post, I stated that one of the problems with Ranger pets was that their attacks' damage didn't increase at the same rate as weapon attacks, quickly falling behind in damage. Since beast powers work under the assumption that a [B] attack is equivalent to a [W] attack, this causes them to be deceivingly weak, and almost always worse than non-beast powers. Here is a simple fix to reduce the gap between beast attacks and weapon attacks: a new ritual to give beasts an enhancenment bonus to damage. Beastmaster rangers automatically learn this ritual, and can use it even if they are otherwise unable to perform rituals.


  1. Problem I have with this is that it's a ritual, and Rangers don't get Ritual Caster. While I think that everybody *should* get Ritual Caster, some people might not want to put a feat choice towards such a thing.

  2. It seems like I missed an important part of the patch, then. The point was that beastmasters would gain and be able to use this ritual automatically, without need of ritual caster, much like they already do with the Raise Beast Companion ritual. I'll add that to the introduction.