Friday, May 6, 2011

The Magic Item Reset (IX): Waist items

We continue with a collection of belts and girdles that will boost your durability and ensure that monsters don’t catch you with your pants down...

Note: Some of these items require an extended rest. An item that requires an extended rest only works if you have worn it without interruption since your last extended rest.

Belt of Vigor- Level 2+ Common Waist
Lvl 2 (Heroic); Lvl 12 (Paragon); Lvl 22 (Epic)
Requires: Extended rest.
Property:  You gain a +2 item bonus to your healing surge value.
    Level 12: +4 item bonus .
    Level 22: +6 item bonus .

Belt of Resolve - Level 4+ Common Waist
Lvl 4 (Heroic); Lvl 14 (Paragon); Lvl 24 (Epic)
Property: While weakened, your attacks deal half damage +5 instead of half damage. If this effect would cause you to deal more damage than if you were not weakened, you deal damage as if you were not weakened instead.
    Level 14:  Half damage +10.
    Level 24:  Half damage +15. 

Belt of Giant Strength – Level 6+ Common Waist
Lvl 6 (Heroic); Lvl 16 (Paragon); Lvl 26 (Epic)
Property: You can use a modifier of +4 instead of your Strength modifier when making an athletics check or strength ability check.
    Level 16: +7 modifier.
    Level 26: +10 modifier.

Durable Belt - Level 8+ Common Waist
Lvl 8 (Heroic); Lvl 18 (Paragon); Lvl 28 (Epic)
Requires: Extended rest.
Property: Your number of healing surges increases by 1. Whenever you spend a healing surge during a short rest, you regain 1d8 additional hit points.
    Level 18: 2 healing surges, 2d8 additional hit points.
    Level 28: 3 healing surges, 3d8 additional hit points.

Shielding Belt - Level 3+ Uncommon Waist
Lvl 3 (Heroic); Lvl 13 (Paragon); Lvl 23 (Epic)
Property: Whenever you gain temporary hit points, you gain a +1 item bonus to the amount gained.
    Level 13: +2 item bonus.
    Level 23: +3 item bonus.

Belt of the Mountain - Level 5+ Uncommon Waist
Lvl 5 (Heroic); Lvl 15 (Paragon); Lvl 25 (Epic)
Power(Encounter). Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: An attack pulls, pushes or slides you. Effect: Reduce the pull, push or slide by 1.
    Level 15: You can use this power as an at-will power.
    Level 25: Negate the pull, push or slide.

Belt of Health - Level 7+ Uncommon Waist
Lvl 7 (Heroic); Lvl 17 (Paragon); Lvl 27 (Epic)
Requires: Extended rest.
Property: You gain a +4 item bonus to your total hit points.
    Level 17: +8 item bonus.
    Level 27: +12 item bonus.

Belt of Heroic Recovery - Level 9+ Uncommon Waist
Lvl 9 (Heroic); Lvl 19 (Paragon); Lvl 29 (Epic)
Power (Daily) Minor action. Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +2 power bonus to Fortitude and regeneration 5.
    Level 19: Regeneration 10.
    Level 29: Regeneration 15. 

Belt of Regeneration - Level 3+ Rare Waist
Lvl 3 (Heroic); Lvl 13 (Paragon); Lvl 23 (Epic)
Requires: Extended rest.
Property: You gain regeneration 3 while bloodied.
    Level 13: Regeneration 5.
    Level 23: Regeneration 7.

Girdle of the Giant - Level 8+ Rare Waist
Lvl 8 (Heroic); Lvl 18 (Paragon); Lvl 28 (Epic)
Power(Daily) Minor Action. Until the end of the encounter, your melee reach becomes 2 and your size becomes large. You can dismiss this effect as a minor action.
    Level 18: You can use this power as an encounter power.
    Level 28: Melee reach 3, size huge.

As usual, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.



  1. Persistent Regeneration as an item is too much. With Rapid Regeneration, suddenly every Warlock and Battlerage Vigor fighter has Regeneration 11 at epic. You'll never need to spend a healing surge again!

    Perhaps an Encounter power "You gain Regeneration X until you are no longer bloodied" as a minor action, plus a daily power "you gain regeneration X until the end of the encounter" would be in order?

    Further, I think you really need to make sure there's more grab support for waist items. Unless you did that with hand slots? I'll have to go back and double check.

    Unfortunately, it's all moot for my purposes. My DM isn't having anything like this, and I'm basically out of running campaigns for the foreseeable future anyway.

  2. There's some grab support in the hand items... it seemed to fit better there, even though the Belt of the Brawler is kind of iconic.

    As for the Belt of Regeneration, I'm a bit torn. Not spending healing surges (at least between encounters) was a known interaction, and actually the intended mission of the item - as the actual healing it provides during an encounter isn't all that impressive. But that epic feat, Rapid Regeneration, has too huge an impact for characters with tiny, but constant, regeneration values.

    Frankly, my gut tells me that the right fix would be to make Rapid Regeneration a bit less extreme, so that it isn't as absurd in these scenarios (apart from my items, I hear that druids with Primal Aspect Form are also a bit silly with that feat). But using my list of items is enough of a house ruling effort for players and DMs, without adding extra fixes for random feats as a requirement.

    A 'fixed' Belt of Regeneration that makes more sense in an environment with Rapid Regeneration would read as follows:

    Property: You gain regeneration 3 while bloodied. Level 13: Regeneration 5. Level 23: Regeneration 7.

    The increased regeneration numbers are there to compensate for the reduced uptime and the removal of out-of-combat healing to full HP. Rapid Regeneration would remain quite impressive, but nowhere near as troubling.

    I'll think about it, and see which version works the best.

  3. Belt of Giant Strength needs to synergize with Gauntlets of Ogre Strength somehow... though maybe only with a Hammer of Thunderbolts...